Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012: AGE OF AQUARIUS? (9/28/2011)

Well, I guess I'm not the only one who watched all those documentaries, who decided to get informed and who decided that the only way that greedy corporate devils were going to listen to the rest of us was to fight back against oppression. It's not an easy thing to do, as it takes guts. It takes being arrested, physically abused or (accidentally) being killed or severely harmed by law officials.

This is nothing new, ladies and gentlemen. It's something that has been with us since man first walked the earth and has continued on since The Civil Rights Movement, The Women's Liberation Movement, and hell, even the Boston Tea Party. Which was originally a protest against King George and his taxes, not the bullshit that it has become.

The Aquarian energies of 2012 are starting to fill the people of this world, first those in the Middle East, and now those here in America. The devils have made us slave to their system for far too long. They care about nothing more than to waste this planet with their Keystone Excel Pipeline, and their constant destruction of our land, water, and air with their chemicals and deforestation. Have you seen the jungles here lately? What about all the goddamned oil that's been spilled into the other bodies of water in the world? You know, besides the Gulf?

What? You thought that we were the only ones who got oil dumped in our water? That's why I don't even drink the water anymore, just like Johnny Cash predicted. I can't even drink my water, it tastes so horrid. I have to drink bottled water or have it filtered. They also say that bottled water can make people sterile, (has to do with the chemicals in some of the more expensive types of bottled water) but I could care less if I had any little ones, because this planet is such a fucked up little ball of dirt and water right now, that I wouldn't want to bring any more kids into it.

They're even planning to sack planned parenthood. You heard me right. I said, sack it. Get rid of it for good. A woman's too young for a kid? Well, she's gonna have to have it or kill it herself. What about a whore or prostitute forced into that life? That kid's gonna be a delinquent. These fucking republicans have gone far enough with their money and their bullshit. I'm not even sure how we poor people are going to pay our goddamned bills without the post office. Is a man going to come to my house and demand that I pay his bill? I'd sooner send him my fist.

This is why people are aggravated. All of these services that we took for granted are now being sacked and privatized so that only the 1% have them. They're going to cull the herd any couple of months now. People are going to have to fight to survive what may be one hell of a struggle. If you don't know what culling the herd is, go look it up please. I mean, I wasn't able to put two and two together until just recently. All of these services are going to be taken from us, because we won't be around anymore, if they have their way.

Did they realize that we were going to protest? Probably, but I think that people have to make a real effort, because this could be rather tough. I remember watching Ventura's show and seeing all of those coffins. Even if Ventura's not the best person to get information from, it still strikes me with a sense of wonder as to why they would need that many disposable coffins.

Everything we do is being monitored. Facebook is now completely open to any suit and big brother that wants to null this action by the people. I have heard that people are planning to stay in New York throughout the winter and who knows how long other strikes will last. With everyone striking, there won't be anyone working, and the economy will take a tumble. A host of my favorite program has just announced in front of everyone that he is leaving to protest against the very hand that might be feeding him. I suspect this to increase, as more people are getting sick and tired of it.

This rise in protest could result in martial law. Could? I mean, this rise in protest Will result in a greater violence among law officers and even the military intervening, as we've heard on various documentaries. I do not doubt an order is working behind the scenes to quell all of this, and by quelling it - I don't mean that everything is going to be made happy. Ironically, that old guy claims that Jesus and a meteor are headed our way in October. I'm not saying that I'm going to believe this guy who's talked about Christ's return for many years now, but I really have no idea what will happen with all of these mass American protests.

I do sense that the 70's style could come back. People will eventually be there for many months and eventually organizations and independent artists will provide entertainment for the protesters. I'm not saying hippie music, even though there are bands reverting to it these days; (I joked about a Woodstock with Opeth, Mastodon, and Porcupine Tree and Enslaved on the bill) but many songs will have lyrics dedicated to the struggle. I definitely think that with the war, debt, unemployment, and other things coming down the pike, the 70's era of mass protest could definitely come back in early 2012, if not late 2011. There won't be any peace and love hippies stuff I don't think, but I do think that a focused and more technology driven society will be at the forefront of a real cause for change.

But with the order working in the shadows and with the police and military - it might not be a virus that succumbs us, but their own weapons. Just imagine if the officers starting killing protesters. Could you even imagine such an issue? If the right person in power gives the order to kill, then the universe only knows what would happen. But I suspect riot squads to come in first to disperse people. I don't know what's going to happen, but I know that if this lasts for too long, something's going to be done. The thing is, they plan to make it last that long. As I have reiterated, I've been told by external media that this protest could last through winter.

Plus, there's the fact that Chicago, Los Angeles, and several other (US DAY OF RAGE IN NASHVILLE ON OCT. 6) protests are occurring all over the country as I stated before with my words "mass American protests" so things may really go the way as I've been saying. Even people who have jobs are protesting and you don't just say "Hey boss, I'm going to protest your corporation, can I get a week off?" No, you walk the hell off. If too many people do that, places will shut down.

The bottom line is this: If the Age Of Aquarius is 2012, then it's going to be one hell of a year.

I'll end with this question: Are you planning to protest?

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