Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Corporate Puppet

There once was a man who thought that the world would bow to
his every beck and call, and he did all in his power to make sure that
everything revolved according to his own designations.
But these weren’t actually his own designations.
Why, of course not!
No, these were ideas that came into his head through means of
the corporation, who washed and dried his brain with such
ridiculous rules and regulations.
He worked his way up the ladder and became a manager, but
unlike the man who had left the store earlier; a man who had good
intentions and wanted what was best for the store and it's
employees, this man wondered if he could - by means of corporate
dogma, of course - transform the store and it's employees into
mindless robots without souls.
In such a struggling economy such as this one, the man decided
that it would be best to think of people (as he was programmed) as
numbers and machine cogs. You weren't a human being and your
cares were not taken into consideration. A fa├žade was put into place,
masking the man's true nature of 0's and 1's, just like the
programming data that was fed into him by the corporation
Why not threaten jobs? It seemed like such an easy thing to do, in
such a poverty and crime-ridden city like the one in which the store
sat. People are useless and replaceable, but machines will do
everything without question.
Soon enough the flesh will all be replaced by workers who will
never cease, to make sure that the transport and sale of worthless,
resource depriving products goes along smoothly until the end of
time, or in this case - until the resources are completely depleted,
while the demand continues to grow.
This is due to the fact that the corporation has a system of
media, which tells the human worms through all manner of
communication, what they need to attain in their life. But lo and
behold, that enlightenment is the very furthest of those things!
One must have a wonderful vehicle, expensive clothes, and a
house that resembles a great mansion! Life is to be full of parties,
alcohol and drugs! One is to fill one's loins with the fluids of sexual
excitement from many other human worms who should strive for
the same merit. Children are to form from these quick situations,
spurred by sexual images in the media and the chemicals in the food
that enhances the hormones in teens and young adults - and these
children are to be the future consumers, that will keep the
corporation growing, until there is nothing left to profit from.
This is what the celebrities will show them. This is what the
corporations will tell them, and their ears and eyes are everywhere.
There is no way to escape from the system, other than to
dehumanize oneself from humanity completely. But few will do
that. One would be looked upon as an outcast and spat upon for
such a crime. Nobody wanted the derogative vagrant title.
The man knew all of this, and he used it to his advantage. "Since
they are all but pawns, I can replace all of them at will, and without
warning. If I don't like the way that a pawn is placed, I will simply
replace it. Because I... am the king."
He noticed from past records that the last man who was in his
seat only ordered enough products for the small store, and sales
went well in that period. The stock room was clear of unsold junk,
and everything seemed to function much better.
"But this is Monopoly, he thought. I've got plenty of money to
order all of the products that I can possibly order. Perhaps people
will buy them, but perhaps they won't. Maybe I should just go ahead
and order extra, just in case."
Despite it being the start of spring, and the fact that tractors
certainly sold in this season; the man felt that it was necessary that
he order as many as he possibly could order. 19, 12, and even 14
tractors came from the trucks, even though 20 of the rusting
machines had already sat, unsold. They also constantly broke down,
but that was the result of poor manufacturing, which was another
trusted business practice of the corporation.
"Bird feeders? Why not?" The man exclaimed, even though the
objects would sit and collect dust.
"Why don't I just take the best stock room workers and have
them work on the sales floor?" he mused, stroking his small chin
hairs. "This way it would be almost certain that I'd have a bunch of
horrible workers back there, but then I'll just keep firing them until I
can find perfect workers, perfect machines."
Soon enough, he knew that the machines would come and that
they would replace the workers. But the machines came with a price,
and one that he hadn't bargained on.
Walking through that door just a few years after the machines had
taken over completely, was a different sort of machine. But this
machine only said one word...
"I am here to replace you."
The man knew then and quickly, that he had made a sudden
error, a grave error. Taking the humanity out of the marketplace
made it both cold and unfeeling. It made it a habitable place for only
those things who were also, both cold and unfeeling.
When the man walked out the doors of the building that he so
wanted to control, he found that there were no more humans to live
in this mechanized world. The resources had gone dry and the air
was inhabitable.
He gasped for air, as he choked... As he choked to death, in a
world where humans were no longer needed. Just another corporate
puppet writhing in pain, after the strings had finally been cut.


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