Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So Mr. Hawking arrogantly believes that there is no source of creation in this universe, as if everything spontaneously came together, like something out of nothing. This is almost laughable, if you watched the program “Curiosity” which was specially simulcast on several different stations last night, unless you were too busy watching Fox’s “Teen Choice Awards.” (Smooth move, Fox… real smooth - diverting the attention of the youth the things that really matter, and filling their minds with more garbage that won’t ever matter.)

Hawking might as well have said in his explanation of black holes being total time stoppers, that a blue plastic ball could be formed from a solid wood table for no apparent reason. How exactly can something with no time, form time? If nothing can resist the time stopping pull of a black hole, then how can time form from it? This is extremely hilarious. I spit on this man’s theories, regardless of how intelligent people think he is. Let us face facts, that Mr. Hawking is nothing more than a sad man in a wheelchair. Perhaps he will find the hope and answers he seeks in the metaphysical realms that exist beyond this life, even though he said that they “probably” don’t exist. Meaning he has not one shred or speck of information regarding their existence, and cannot deny them. Yet I’ve seen the despair in this man’s face. It’s clear as the eye can see, and deep inside he wants to believe in these things. Look at the man’s face and tell me that I am wrong. The eyes have it, ladies and gentlemen.

During the debate, another question arose - one which I thought was quite interesting, myself. Does the cosmic “creator” god have anything to do with people’s personal god/s? Well, to put this simple, I still believe that it does not. Furthermore, I will believe as I always have; that the multiverse is both a chaotic and balanced system (note the polar opposites being both true) which in truth, comprises all existence and therefore IS GOD. (If you’d like to call it that) Everything that ever was and will be is the multiverse, comprising God, and we are also a part of that energy that even comprises the astral and metaphysical spiritual planes, as well as planes where forms that we have no comprehension of (and therefore could not comprehend) would exist.

If there are billions of universes, and ours is just one, like Dr. Kaku said “on a backwash planet deep in the solar system” then it is almost ludicrous to think that we would have the technology to map out the entire span of cosmic existence. This is like a man telling you that he can tell you what an object looks like, even if he hadn’t ever seen it before, and will never see it in his lifetime.

Let me also throw in some other ideas about this, while breaching onto the “alien invasion topic” of the second episode. Oh, I’m sorry, “Alien Attack” because we’re all too busy with Hollywood films to not realize a peaceful race completely devoid of our warring human emotions could ever exist. Some of these people I just want to beat the shit out of myself, because it will shut them all up, and perhaps destroying the ideas of an alien invasion that could kill us all, might instill feelings of “I wonder what it would be like if some beings from somewhere else in the universe/multiverse could show us their ways, maybe help out planet out, stop the greedy corporations and governments in ways that we are powerless to. That’s the kind of thinking we need. If we have another more advanced race on the side of the victims, then the corporations will have no use to but to listen and comply with the needs of the people. Hell, if it came down to where the other race allowed those of us who didn’t wish to ruin the planet, to live on their world, and be peaceful where there wasn’t a such thing as war, and where they’ve just grown out of money and ways of killing each other - I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Some people have theories of aliens who come down as good aliens, and then are bad aliens who enslave us later, but again - this is Hollywood talking. If there was a race that wanted slaves so bad, they’d have them already. Perhaps our planet is more warlike than any other planet out there in this universe. Perhaps the fact that we can’t get to any of these “gas planets” is because they’re clouded from us by a sort of shield which we’ve no scientific means of penetrating - and they don’t want to be bothered either.

Still, maybe there are planets out there that are completely cloaked (invisible) to our sights, and we’ll never find them. It’s all very possible. Maybe we did some very awful things when our race was on other worlds, and those worlds don’t want to fuck with us. Perhaps this blue world is our “planet free to fuck up” and they are waiting for us to annihilate ourselves so that when we’re gone, the rest of the universe can come out of hiding and prosper again.

In my dealings with magick, and I’ve had many of them - I’m quite sure that many of the things we call gods, demons, and angels, are actually other beings not of this plane, or aliens. Would you be that upset if the beautiful goddess you prayed to as a Wiccan, was actually just a very advanced and intelligent being sent here by a council of others to guide you? Perhaps we all have alien guides, who laugh at our ideas of space ships and lasers. Would it literally kill you to know that the God you worship and the form you see in your head is actually the form you chose for your protector? I’m sure there’s many forms for them, and they might not even have a form at all - besides, the most intelligent, advanced, and peaceful races would require no form at all other than that of energy.

So what if we praise aliens? Perhaps they are our gods after all, and they really want the best for us in our lives. Whether you see Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, or some pagan god/goddess, these could be just forms that the aliens take in order to comfort us, the miracles, results of incantations, and other phenomena could just be the result of their power. Perhaps this stuff really does exist, and every God is real after all.

It’s all based on your perspective. There’s no scientific knowledge on any of this, and there can’t be, because only when other races (who I STRONGLY believe are on this planet right now) decide to show themselves, will science be able to clarify all of this.

Still, take in the fact that you, like them, are a child race of the divine; and eventually you too will become something like those that help you

(or those that choose to harm you, as we call demons yet some demons also seem to be gods for some people, so I have no idea how you classify the morality out of all this, as there is also the thought to form belief that believing in something enough gives it the thought energy to give it life being that all of the power of existence flows through us and can create miracles as well, even our own Gods, if that be your desire. Belief is truly powerful in that extent)

And you will be able to guide other young races through the enjoyment of life. The bottom line is this:

Enjoy life, and do/believe/say what makes you happy. People will come along with their ideas and views, but all in all, none of us knows the truth of all things, and I strongly believe that we will never know. We must just exist and be, and live and love and hate, and endure, and create, and challenge, and learn more throughout each and every moment of existence, whether this be our first life, or our thousandth. This is what it means to be human, on a backwash planet that’s deep in the universe, which is one of just only countless, endless multiverses in the constant span of all existence.


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