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(Originally taken from a response on The Vigilant Citizen forums)

I just walked out of the theater. When I went in, there were posters for the film stamped all over the walls en masse, and a small little table that almost seemed ritualistic. The table had a movie poster for the film, and a circle of roses on top of it. Very odd..., indeed. Even though other movies were playing, the theater definitely wanted you to know that The Hunger Games was playing.

First of all, I rather enjoyed this movie. I didn't find it as entertainment though, like everything I found it to be an observation of what are planet might be like hundreds or thousands of years from now. There are major spoilers here, so if you don't want to know - don't read this post. But I think you should know them anyway.

The movies sent in from the capitol shows images of what happened in the world before, and from the look of it, some kind of rebellion against the government or an induced nuclear holocaust (hence the suits worn by the the two soldiers in the film.) Of course, the capital says that these things were "horrible" and that slavery under their elite rule is PEACE. I almost began to laugh.

The acting in the film was superb, and I'd assume that you probably didn't watch the film, if you've called it crap. Katniss dispalyed the role of a strong woman, instead of a strong male character. She was raised by the woods and the wild, and those things kept her safe. Something Collins might be trying to tell us, even though we're quick to assume she's in the illuminati. Even if she was one of the bloodlines, that does not mean that she HAS to follow their rules. What they don't know or realize won't hurt them. They are human and infallible, and this is what you people fail to realize. This is the point of the film. At the end of the film, where Snow begins to seem worried, it is because he has realized that someone has defied to change his rules and law. This is something that anyone of us can do RIGHT NOW, instead of complaining about how we're all fucked because they're wealthy bastards with a military. You would be quite surprised what real rebellion could achieve.

Let me tell you, it starts with crushing Hollywood. Think about it, Hollywood and it's actors, it's films, have too much spotlight in the world today. Think about what would happen if the masses who worried about these actors and actresses actually decided to say, "You know what? These are just people. They're just people with money. That's it. They're distractions, illusions." Once the stars have been realized as human and taken off their pedastal, then you've got the big guys with their own looks of distress. Real people, not fictional characters. Real people that can bleed and die. People that are the same as every one of us.

If they start some sort of global catastrophe, the messages in this film will ring true in that post apocalyptic world. Learn how to hunt and to fish. Learn how to build a fire, to climb trees, to use nature to your advantage. It's the only thing that they can't control. They can even turn people against each other in the name of some crusade or glorious tournament (that they call a pageant, hehe.) If you were too worried about the love story in this movie, you've missed the whole point. The most inportant part of it was Disctrict 11's rebellion. They stood up to them, cause a panic. Even though they brought more troops in, it's not the end of 11. 10 also rebelled apparently, according to the film.

The elite might think that they can encage all of us, but the fucking peasants will revolt. Kings have been beheaded in the past due to revolt, and what makes them think that they are so safe in today's times?

Surely you people understood the significance of the Mockingjay. The birds represent freedom. They chirp happily, in the most serene sense. The symbol of Katniss's chest represents an ideal, the ideal that "I will be free, just like a Mockingjay." This is also why the woman gave her this emblem. It represents to the people, "we will be free." That's why it's the symbol of the film itself. This film is not about just excitement or love, it's about the fact that even if they think that they can hold us down, they cannot succeed forever, unless everyone is made braindead.

We are human, just like they. Not one of us is any smarter or less ingenious then the other. I could see if we were facing extra-terestrial beings with increased abilities or thought processes, but they think on our level. They can hide behind technology all that they want. It is fallible, and prone malfunction and destruction by those who can "think around it."

This is why I enjoyed the film, and will be reading the rest of the books to see if I am right about most of my hypotheses towards the further chapters in the series. I knew that when the "star-crossed" lovers idea was suggested by the "mentor" (who had the film's best performance apart from the president) character, that eventually when it came to both of them, the rules would change back to 1. I saw that coming a mile away. Of course I saw that they weren't going to kill each other, everyone knew that. The berries I hadn't guessed. I thought that the elite were going to send troops to force them to kill each other, but they would find the strength to overpower them and head to the capital somehow. This would've been the end if I had written the book. No second and third novel, just one book.

But I have my own work to do based around the same idea of a post apocalyptic society under government rule (except the conditions in my world reflect a planet facing ecological depletion.) It's an idea I've been tossing around since writing the second WD novel, and before I even heard a word about The Hunger Games.

"The First Day Of The End Of The World Pt.1" (2014) is the title and tentative date for that.

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