Friday, May 11, 2012

A Speck Of Dirt

Dedicated To Ms. Inga Lamb

The speck of dirt that came off on your shoes this morning, or last night, or maybe even the day before that, actually has quite a story. Once that speck of dirt was carried on the boots of a man who had been hunting for furs, and once it was used to make an old fashioned mud pie by the hands of a little girl that was trying to show her affection towards a little boy, several years ago.

Perhaps that speck of dirt didn't start out as a speck of dirt at all. Maybe it was once part of a mud hut that an Indian tribe had lived in, or maybe it was the very dirt that rested on the edges of the Pyramids, put there by the feet of the workers that had worked so effortlessly to build them.
Maybe it was used for an ancient burial back in primordial times, or perhaps it was traversed by soldiers in the muddy bunkers of the first world war. It might have even been part of a ball of dirt that one lover threw to the other, in order to get her attention. It's true that just one speck of dirt could've been many things, indeed.
It is very true that the speck of dirt you carried in on your shoes could've once been used by a medicine man to cure a wound, or it could have been brushed off of a brave knight's sword as he dove it into the heart of a barbarian.
It could've even been from under the tree where the Buddha meditated, or perhaps it was the dirt under which Jesus spoke his parables. Yes, the dirt under your feet is always sacred; even if you don't realize it.
Maybe it was once in Italy, where Donatello brushed it off his painting. It could've even been the dirt from Leonardo's endless tinkering. Perhaps it was once stuck to the wings of the Wright Brother's prototype of a plane, but it may have also been stuck to the tires of a Model T. There's so many places where a speck of dirt can be. Can't you see?

You know, it's quite possible that it could've accidentally flown into one of Marilyn Monroe's drinks. It could've even fell into a river that drifted right into Tennessee.
It might have went into the nose of an outlaw who met the ground, it might have even been carried by the horses of the toughest sheriff in town.

Poe might have brushed it off one of his early manuscripts, but Shakespeare could've even shook it off his quill. It's even possible that the constitution once shared that speck of dirt, or even the dead sea scrolls. There are so many places that people go, and the dirt always follows.

Just in case you were under the assumption that a speck of dirt is insignificant, look at all of the people who've shared their lives with it. It was there before you were born, and it will still be there when you die.
So yes it is true, that the dirt on your shoes which you brought in today, tomorrow, or even the day before, has the most profound history, unlike you've never known before.


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