Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who’s Raising Your Children, America? You Might Be Surprised.

Let me tell you something. I’ve been researching a lot of information here lately, and I’ve still got reason to believe that the Illuminati, Matrix, and New World Order are still indeed breathing on our coat-tails. (By the way, “matrix” in this state refers to the agents of “the matrix” which has nothing to do with the movie, and much more to do with making people into corporate slaves. Go research it.)

When I got up this morning, I had found that my neighbor’s children came over to visit. Unsatisfied  with a collection of movies I had saved in the DVR for them related to their age group, my mother gave the girl a chance to choose her own show, to which she switched to Nickelodeon. No big deal, I thought at first. I remember many fond memories of Nickelodeon, and how it used to have family friendly characters and some actually comical programs when I was young.

But what I saw was much different, and it made me think it was actually the Disney channel, with it’s pop and systematic influences which pervert our youth (mind control experiments have also been said to go on with ALL of it’s stars, including Miley Cyrus, who bomb shelled as Hannah Montana, and The Jonas Brothers for example - again, go look it up.) Disney is in the business of corrupting our youth, one young mind at a time.

Now, realizing that Viacom (The same company that controls the hogwash on MTV) also controls Nickelodeon,  I had only assumed it would only be a matter of time before Nickelodeon would also become a perverted step ladder to the insurmountable trash that can be found on MTV, VH1 and others.

Let it be known that the ages of these girls was 6 and 7, which is not the age that a child should be watching such programs of this caliber, and be advised grandparents who remember, and parents who grew up with the Disney channel and Nickelodeon; that these stations are not what you remember them to be, as one can barely find cartoons themselves anymore, without them even being a little over the top on Cartooon Network. Most of these programs seem to be teen-aged sitcoms which aren’t on at nightly hours like they should be (I remember SNICK when I was about 9 - 12)  but they are rather put on slap in the middle of the day.

Since only 5 corporations control all media in the country (again, look it up) it doesn’t seem too out of place for Disney and Nickelodeon together to pollute our children, as well as MTV and others. With our job market plummeting in this country, many parents just don’t have the time to watch their children anymore, and most babysitters don’t care of realize that the things that children are seeing on the television or internet are destroying their minds. There’s even that awful internet celebrity “Fred” who became a star on television because the network saw his potential to make money.

Corporatism knows no bounds, and it is only interested in teaching our children these few things: Go buy our products, get into a relationship as early as you can because they’re fun, and listen to our music created specifically for you. Once you’ve heard the pop we’ve made for you, you’ll continue to support the artists once they’ve grown and produced the same music in a more adult fashion, because you’ve been already brainwashed to enjoy it.

The reason why relationships are being pushed on our children is due to the fact that couples have children, which creates more people to buy more products. The earlier two people become attached, the better. 16 and Pregnant already? We’ve got a show for you. Teen Mother? We’ve got a show for you. What about men that want to go out there and have sex with multiple women showing off their muscles and money? Watch Jersey Shore, it’ll tell you how to do things like that. There are hot sluts everywhere!

Does this scare you? Because this IS the ladder. This is what our children are being exposed to at young ages. When I was 6, I was thankfully taught that women had “cooties” and to stay away from them. “cooties” was an excellent way to keep children as still children, and we should continue to use methods like this to protect our offspring. Children who delve into the net and television don’t get enough time to develop an imagination through play, and even the strictest parents can’t stop all media influence because of peers at school, and kids and technology use these days is ridiculous.

I do not believe that children as young as 6 should be on the internet for any reason. NONE! I believe that they should be taught how to use a computer eventually, but after their brain has fully developed in a way that it can discern things with a greater accuracy. There are great software games out there for children to learn offline though, and I feel parents should use these. I would even say that 90% of the games of this age are completely not fit for children and I respect the ESRB ratings scale. It is there for a reason, and games are much more violent and emotional in this age than they’ve ever been. I grew up in the age of Nintendo, where it was no big deal, but now things can really leave their mark on a child.

We must realize that the system realizes that they can leave their imprint on the children. We must realize that they only want your youth to serve them in the same ways that we have grown accustomed to. Poor education, and poor moral standings (and you don’t need religion to teach a child morals) will lead to a delinquent piece of trash, that never knew any better, or a workaholic that was taught that way.

You have to have a job to have money, and you have to have money to support yourself and buy the next systematic luxury which is like a new form of crack every month. Online gaming has sparked just much as this with MMO’s controlling a great deal of the population who aren’t sucked into casual facebook games. There are MMO games already for young children, and it’s nothing more than a gateway drug to hardcore MMO’s that cost money and hours of life, as well as marriages.

But let’s put all of this into perspective. The television, internet, and video games are the babysitters of youth. Parents are sometimes too busy and leave their children in the care of these systems. But they don’t realize that these systems are literally CARING for their children, and they ARE influencing their behaviors, you’d better believe it and not think for a second that they aren’t.

So how do you combat this?

Summer = Summer Camp. No TV, and plenty of chances to go outside and play. Trust me, I did when I was a kid, and it was very exciting. I used to always pretend I was things in recess and in summer camp, and almost took it to a belief status with extremism, but that’s the kind of person I was. I’ve gotten so lost in my imagination that I literally used to believe I was the things I believed I was. Now being a grown man, I have realized that this is just the power of one’s imagination, which can help one to go out there and do something creative, original, and unique. Maybe they’ll pursue something more than a 9 - 5, even if it sounds damn near impossible in this age of the crumbling American Empire.

Summer camps also allow children to play outside with other children who normally wouldn’t be outside to imagine, they would be inside living in someone else’s world.

But other than taking your kids to summer camp, it might even be a good idea to limit the time they spend with the machines of this age. I’m serious about this. Eventually, they’ll be let off the hook when they’re older and will either go all the way, or not at all with these devices. You can’t really stop that, but at least they had a chance to develop an imagination.

Buy toys. Nothing electronic, just plastic toys dolls and action figures (whatever your kid may prefer these days) and definitely some kind of Legos, or an erector set, even though Legos are becoming more media hogwash and less generic “castle and space” sets which allowed the children to make up their own stories. Let me tell you something, I’m 26 and I would still build things with Legos.

Stay the hell away from Megabloks, because they’ve sponsored with World Of Warcraft to make fucking WOW Megablok sets. Just what your children need. Incentive to play a game that’ll cost the hell out of your paycheck every month, because some parents may not know that playing this game is like paying a monthly satellite bill. It starts out free until you reach a certain point in the game (and it’s now longer than ever, like a longer drug hit to get more people to try it) and then you literally have to keep paying money in order to keep playing the game. You cannot just pay 60.00 for the game and that’s it.

You’ll pay probably over a hundred dollars a year to keep your child’s account active. It’s like cigarettes, huh? So no Megabloks, alright? Of course these days, all the franchises have bought the toy market, with nothing free of the media’s grasp. I guess if you want generic, go dollar store…but not even that works anymore. The thrift stores even sell toys from old franchises, nothing generic. Of course, it’s not bad to buy different action figures from different franchises, or different dolls from different franchises either. This will give the children that “WHAT IF?” incentive that will have their synapses firing while they are playing with the toys.

For boys, an example:

What if Spiderman fought Darth Vader?

What if Captain Jack Sparrow landed his ship in the middle of a battle between the X Men and Apocalypse?

These are the things that get kids thinking. They got me thinking about things in my youth which got me into thinking about things in my later years and led to my eventual becoming of an American author.

Don’t forget about the fun of climbing trees and building forts, and playing swordfights with tree limbs. The woods are lots of fun when you’re young! The same thing with snow days, go outside and make a snow sculpture and some forts and throw snowballs! Don’t stay stuck in the damned house!

Some children are blessed with the want to read. Please encourage this, I beg of you. But be careful again with what is read these days, as the media is looking to capitalize on franchises, many publishing companies are actually taking on the notion to find writers who wish to write stories in the same vein of popular tales like Twilight and Harry Potter.

Reading any kind of book is great,  but be very careful with books these days, as they can be just as bad as T.V. and I hate to say it. If you can, get some of the old books into their hands. Through The Looking Glass, The Wizard Of Oz, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, Lewis Carroll (who has a great deal of wonderful reading) and of course, Tolkien. There are of course many others, but I doubt too many young ones could handle Dickens or Mary Shelley. Frankenstein bored me to tears in my youth.

But children who read, will succeed. Not just in school, but in everything else. Reading is so incredibly important these days, that it should be a capital offense to allow a child to be illiterate, unless a health problem like Dyslexia or other condition says otherwise, of course. But it is even possible in these states to read, as I’ve a friend with Dyslexia that can read quite decently and is more observant of things than I am!

So there is no reason why we should let our children follow the ladder to the corporate hells on earth that are. There is no reason why we should let the media dictate to children the ways in which they should behave, and the things that they should want. Whimsical cartoon characters in advertisements are nothing more than ploys used by agents of the matrix (again, look it up please - this has nothing to do with the Keanu Reeves film) to get our kids to want toxic cereals and happy meals that are full of metals. (Lots of mercury in most brand named food)

Even if their goal is to corrupt and pervert every last young mind in this world so that they will be desensitized, oblivious, and ignorant to all of the things that will happen to this planet in the future, if we can save just a few minds - it will all be worth it.

Of course, I will also mention that a little T.V. is fine - and there are plenty of classic children’s movies out there as well as good ones coming out now. You don’t have to shield your child completely from all this stuff, and even if you do - they’ll just go somewhere else and do it.

The last thing I have to say is this:

If able, please spend as much time as possible with your children. Children that don’t have parental supports will find them elsewhere. You might be shocked to find that these so called “harmless devices” are actually raising your children for you… and they are being raised into the most horrifying things possible too, servants and slaves to the great corporate, media fueled, machine.

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