Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I Don't Care About "What Not To Wear."

If there's one show I have despised more than anything else, it's that show on TLC called, "What Not To Wear." There is no better example of pure commercial enslavement of one's soul, than this fodder.

Seriously, who wants to give up all of the clothes that they've ever owned and paid good money for, or were given as presents by friends, family, loved ones and people who aren't even around anymore; just because they aren't trendy in the corporate workplace. Am I a product of some sort? I could've sworn that I was a human being. So why must I sell myself off like some expensive whore?

The show always seems to target those who live an alternate lifestyle, those who don't quite fit in with the mainstream corporate society. It's always people with piercings or tats or green hair. If not that, it's people who dress altogether different, because they don't feel that they need to keep up with the sham that is fashion, which changes everyday. I've never cared, and I never will care about the foolishness of fashion.

Sure, they'll give you 500 dollars that you can use to buy a handful of expensive outfits to wear from Saks Fifth Avenue. But chances are, you had more clothes before you even got the money. Also, you damned well won't be able to keep up the finances required to dress like that everyday. Things rip, things tear and most of this shit is made in foreign countries in the first place. It's made cheap, sold expensively; and isn't made to last.

Most of the clothes that you already had will probably last much longer.

Then you get a makeover. Yeah, that's fine for a few weeks, maybe a month. But if you don't have their products or their skill, you'll never be able to keep up that look. Thankfully people who are skilled with makeup actually post howto's on youtube these days to help women who aren't really skilled and have to be frugal, like every other normal human being.

You dress in the clothes of the elite, so that you can work under them. You might as well just stand in a hexagram and chant their malformed occult semblances. But you'll never see your masters, because you're too busy working in one of their many corporate offices making what they would consider chump change, even though it's the most money that you've ever made. But that's life.

Or is it? The elite love power, they worship it. It's pretty much what their whole malformation is based on. I remember Crowleys' "...And drink wines, and wines that foam!" which I've always thought meant to enjoy life to the fullest. But they see it as living richly, as money being the only thing of importance.

You may not even realize it yet, but when you wear what THEY WANT YOU TO WEAR, so that you work where THEY WANT YOU TO WORK; you've just given up your identity to the corporate slave system. Don't fret, we all have to do it sometime. Just know that if all electricity leaves the planet and things like fashion are no longer important, you might be happy to be wearing anything. If the air gets uninhabitable and they have to build special domes for the elite and brainwashed, you'll be thrown right out of your expensive clothes and have to suffer out in the wasteland that they are working on creating as we speak.

So when you see someone looking snazzy and presentable, just remember who sets the standards. Funny thing is, they wont give a damn how you're dressed. Those armed guards at the gates will shoot your snazzy ass and that'll be the end of it. Be happy with what you've got on.

Fashion is a lie, it's a scam. Dress the way that you feel is right, the way that expresses your personality. They despise personality, difference and the urge or nature to rebel against them. Anything that can stop them, they'll hate and try to vanquish as soon as possible. Don't fall for the outlandish styles of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, because they're playing the same game. When you're a puppet, you can do anything you want, as long as you can convince someone that they're on the winning team.

Go do your research folks, and keep your clothes on. The clothes that you like.

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