Saturday, June 9, 2012

Call Me Maybe? Maybe Not.

It hasn't been but a few weeks, but this fucking spit on the face of music is now everywhere. It's the face of Wii-U's "Sing" game, and it's appaered on Leno and the guy that comes on after him, as well as many other damned places. I'm sure there are more. Many more.

The lyrics of the song are by far some of the worst I've every heard. These couldn't be any ditzier, any more devoid of sense. She just met the guy and already decides to just randomly give out her number. Wow, this is telling all of the young women in our society to open themselves wide to axe-murders, rapists and god knows who else. Problem is, these are earworms and they help to brainwash young, under-devloped minds.

At work, I can pretty much tell you how every single song on the radio goes - because they play them religiously. The hit radio stations blare songs like this one, and create hits. Then you have them on the media and in television shows. It's hell. But there is good music out there, it's just not going to be found amdist the shit on the radio. You've got to look at the underground artists out there. You've got to support the local groups and singers. They do exist. There are people everyday who come out with their own music, with their own voice.

There are still singers and songwriters who are interested in crafting songs that leave you with a message, or explain to you something you didn't know. There are still songs about struggles and about real topics. If you want love songs, all of the good ones have already been written years ago. Try the 60's, 70's even 80's. This is when America actually cared about ingenuity. Now they just push out crap - as I've said time and time again.

I can only wonder what foolish mind-numbing garbage will come out next from the bowels of pop music. But it nauseates me just thinking about it.

Hang up the phone, and don't call this bitch back.

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