Saturday, July 21, 2012

James Holmes Wanted To Be The Joker In Real Life... WTF?

I finally pieced it all together. The police havent even figured this out yet, but this guy literally wanted to be the real life Joker. A real life supervillian, just to see if the concept could be pulled off.

His hair was dyed red. Did you know that? Joker also used a gas, "joker toxin" as it was called. It would make a victim laugh until they died. That's where the canister came in. Anyone familiar with Batman knows that gas and mass murder is the Joker's trademark.

I'm not done yet. The guy then proceeds to tell the police "I've got one more surprise for you" just in Joker fashion, and tells about his apartment which is filled to the brim with all sorts of booby traps. Just like the Joker would have done. The police say that they've never seen anything like it before. This guy had a slew of weaponry and 6,000 rounds. He was more than likely going to do more damage.

Joker was a psychotic man. This guy was just as ridiculously methodical. He set a techo song to constant loop blaring out of his apt. It was set to end at 1pm. The same time as the shooting began. That must have armed the bombs. Police can't even go in there. A robot is going to be sent in tomorrow. They want his laptop. Guy had no twitter or fb.

"As part of the advanced program in Denver, a James Holmes had been listed as making a presentation in May about Micro DNA Biomarkers in a class named "Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders."

In academic achievement, "he was at the top of the top," recalled Riverside Chancellor Timothy P. White.

Holmes concentrated his study on "how we all behave," White added. "It's ironic and sad."

From a distance, Holmes' life appears unblemished, a young man with unlimited potential. There are no indications he had problems with police.

- This guy knew all there was to know about psychological and neurological disorders, but didn't know that he had one? I'm sorry, but I'm still trying to fill in the pieces. Why would a man so bright, probably even smarter than I in some instances - decide that he wanted to take on the real life persona of the Joker? Might this have been an experiment to see if it could be pulled off? As studious as he was, this whole thing might have been part of a sick hypothesis that mainly stated "Is it possible to become the crimelord "Joker" in real life?

Again, the bad thing about it is that everything was planned out perfectly. If he hadn't have been caught, who knows what would've happened. But had the man thought he was so powerful to try to topple the government as the Joker would've done, he'd have been met by force from our armed men and women in the military.

I guess we can consider the hypothes is a failure, since it is not wise and very fatal to pull off any kind of supervillian in real life. It's the same thing if I decided that I wanted to be the penguin. But I think I'm a little too thin for that role, and I can't cackle!

I understand how many of you might think that WB had it staged,but my thinking is that a brilliant student wanted to test out his hypothesis. Remember that some of you abhor science, and he must've practically lived it. I guess you can consider him posessed if it makes you sleep at night, but this sounds to me like nothing more than one man's application of the scientific method.

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