Saturday, August 11, 2012

A different kind of review then you'd get on The Grim Tower...

I just finished listening to the new In This Moment album, Blood. I torrented it, so that I could review it for the blog - but it will be under a small sub-heading of the next set (Monday) called "Bullshit Media Trends."


The album begins with "Rise With Me 2:07" which lyrically seems to be crytpic, and I suspect luciferian. "Blood 3:27" as we all know, is the single that goes with the extremely symbolic video of the same state. It's basically about wanting to fuck, fuck, and fuck some more. "Adrenalize 4:15" is where the scream/singing starts. It might get on your nerves.

Then we've got "Whore 4:05" which is going to offend a shitload of women. It's bascially her saying out right, "I can be your everything, I can be your whore if you need me to." Now what kind of message does that send to young women?

Next we've got the Otep rip-off, (Thought they were Anti-NWO, but the band's current facebook photo is a one eye symbol with a lightning bolt coming down from it.) "You're Gonna' Listen 3:43" which is nothing more than her screaming "Shut up! Shut Up! Shut Up!" over and over again amidst some throwaway lyrics.

"It Is Written 0:30" is another cryptic piece. "Burn 4:44" was just boring, nothing really to say about that one, except that I don't remember her being this angry in the older releases. For the last couple albums have a poppy stint, and this one is much angrier for some reason. "Scarlet 3:50" is a song relating to being one of the devil's whores.

"Aries 0:41" is another one, very cryptic ritualistic - definitely occult related, as all these little "intermissions" seem to be. "From The Ashes 4:26" is mainly about just that. "Beast Within 3:49" literally sounds like it was her wanting to fuck the devil, talking about claws digging into her and blood and such. "Comanche 4:29" is a surprisngly decent track, no symbolism that I can detect.

Then finally, there's the big one "The Blood Legion 4:51" in which she just flat out tells it. Holy shit, if there's ever an indication of her being in the Illuminati, this is it. Notice I said, "her being in the Illuminati" not just a puppet.

Finally, there's the haunting "11:11 4:51" which has a lot of chanting, but it's not the healing spiritual kind. This isn't even a metal/rock song, it's just some very crytpic eerie shit that kind of made me sick.

I've listened to their old shit before, but it's never been like this. Unfortunately, I cannot access the lyrics for this disc yet, because it hasn't yet come out.

But trust me, you don't want your young teenage daughters anywhere near this shit. You think lady Gaga's too much? This is way fucking worse.

Take it from me, I know what's hardcore and this shit is not anything I'd let my teens listen to, if I had any teens. The bottom line is, this is being marketed to disenfranchised youth who are already unsure of themselves, and these aren't the kind of messages they need. But it's going to be all over the goddamned... well, everywhere - before you know it.

Now you folks know that I don't particularly have a problem with devil imgaery and all that shit. It's all over metal. But you know, this goes beyond that and into brainwashing which can create psychosis in young minds. Teenagers minds aren't fully developed and this shit is full of symbols, not to mention dubstep portions, which leads me to believe that there's more to dubstep then I fucking thought.

Save their minds and give em Slayer instead. At least there's no BS brainwashing there. Just good ol' "devil metal."

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