Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kloudian Kingdom... New Book Series!

As I was pondering while putting up merchandise, I came across an idea that had been right under my nose for many years now. This is something that I once believed in heavily as a child and was able to convince others of it's existence up until my early teens, when I grew out of the idea. But I am now studying metaphysics and thoughtforms, the act of creating itself; and have discovered that I can...
make this idea a book series for children and adults.

The name? Kloudian Kingdom. Being that I believed in this highly and heavily in my youth, I still remember many of the ideas and tenants of the realm. A child would break the "dream code" and enter this realm where they became an adult - a strong warrior, or a beautiful princess, it was a land of wonders, technological marvels.

I'm sure that with enough time, I can begin crafting this story and may even be able to sell it to agents. But I will be paying for a cover this time, and will also pay for advertisement. I want this to be a worldwide embrace, my "Harry Potter" series that might have every church in the world completely up in arms. Because you can't go teaching kids that they're creators... or can you?

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