Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Massacre - Nutjob or MK Victim?

This person doesn't actually exist, folks.

First of all, my heart goes out to all of the young sacrifices that were made in the attainment of power by the elite. Second of all, were you aware that as a shooting occured in America; a gentleman with a knife was injuring people in China as well? I don't believe he killed anyone, but it was still a serial stabbing, as it were. Go look into that, as the media has not been one to talk about it.

But as for the case, I spent some time looking at many sites one in particular VC, who's got some very hard-working truthseekers that should be commended on how deep their investigations went. Without going into full detail, I gathered this information:

At the beginning, the shooter's name was Ryan Lanza. His FB page was burst wide open and all anyone found was him talking about the incident on a Mass Effect page that he liked. So then, we'd already have premeditation there, am I correct?

Next, his youtube page was posted and a NEW one was immediately created, something with 44 new friends and a rant and rave about, of all things - conspiracy. You name it: Illuminati in music, and the whole nine yards. Apparently, they're trying to target conspiracy theorists, which makes sense because people are uncovering things that others would like hidden.

Things like the odd situation before the massacre when things at the school were very "odd" to say the least, almost like a military drill. What else is weird, is that the school had just installed a state-of-the-art security system complete with cameras, sealed doors, and buzz in entry. What I find odd, is how does a 24 year old gentleman walk into a secure school building (which sounds like it has a high level security system for little ones, mind you) with buzz in entry, carrying two (or four) weapons, (whether or not they are the two handguns from earlier reports or the changed auto-rifle and glock) have a shouting bout with the principal and then start killing children and teachers?

I literally want to give the principal a Darwin award. It's like, "sure Mr. masked man with weapons and a bullet proof vest, come on in." Are you nuts? The guy's dressed almost like every other shooter, and they just open up the door and buzz him on in. Not only that, the "conversation" with the principal was broadcasted via loudspeaker, so that all of the children and teachers could hear and locked the doors. It's almost like the whole thing was a military operation used to test the new security system. However, there are talks of "previous drill situations" before this incident.

But we're not done yet. Let's talk reasons, shall we? For what reason would a man wear a bullet-proof vest if he's going to kill himself in the first place? Seems kind of silly. But then a fellow mentioned two words I had not heard:

"MK Omega"  which is an MK I haven't heard of. What's different here, is that the victim kills themselves after completing their mission." Makes sense, like a trained kamikaze assassin. Under brainwash of course.

But I'm still not done. With the shooter dead, the mother dead, the father dead - there's no one left to question. Later, the reports get changed (covering up the possibility of another shooter) to being about a 20 year old autistic boy by the name of Adam Lanza. But guess what? People have since done searches for the family prior, and this person does not appear on any records. Nacy was found, as was the father Peter; but there is no mention of the boy. Quite possibly, he doesn't exist - and since he's dead, we'll never know.

Quote me on that - we'll never know. The media will feed us information, make up further horror stories to prove that this individual was demented and in need of "brain pills." But the funny thing, is that this autistic boy would've only been autistic, because Ritalin has been known to cause autism.

Excuse me. It's so funny, I forgot to laugh!

Then we have the presiden't crocodile tears, or tears of joy - because now they can wipe away the second ammendment like chalk on a chalkboard. But let's think of the bigger picture, something we might have not noticed in the wake of this awful tragedy.

The government uses drones to kill children and innocent people in foreign countries all the time. Have you actually kept up and paid attention? The 26-27 killed yesterday are far from the amount of people killed by drone strikes. Not to mention how many innocent civilians were killed and labeled "suspected terrorists" over there in the middle east.

The sad news is that even when no one's at fault, hundreds of children under the age of 8 die of starvation both here and in foreign countries, but the people turn a blind eye because it doesn't make media headlines.

But my personal belief is this - they're testing something. I can't tell you what, but it's certainly working. I think they're trying to make trained assassins that work differently with drugs and annihilate themselves afterwards. If you can kill people at a movie theater, you're pretty damned robotic. If you can kill kids, you're an absolute zombie. Could you imagine future implications of this? A team of soulless drones to shoot on sight, any man woman or child. Yeah, it sounds far fetched, but I've read alot of science fiction and watched alot of movies. It could damn sure happen.

At any rate, we've got to keep spiritually strong (no matter what path we take) and be ever thankful for what we've got. It's not even the 21st yet, and we've already had a major tragedy. The best thing we can do is to keep strong, vigilant, and watchful. Despite all the evil in the world, there's alot of good and good forces. They're out there. You've just got to find them and align yourself with them. Alot of evil is out there - alot of stress and depression. But you've got to rise above it. Realize that you and I, we all each carry a part of the dvine essence within us. We have protectors and guardians and more, and they're here for us.

On a side note, I don't think anything will happen on the 21st, other than some Yule dinners and what the time is meant for - reflection and renewal. On Yule, one is supposed to write down all of their regrets and issues for the particular year, and then set it on fire - in a sense; cleansing yourself of that negativity.

Even though this one might come as a bit of a shock to you, I'm going to remember where Jesus himself said; "Don't worry, for I am with you." which can be taken as any way you wish, whether you believe that the holy man himself is actually there with you in an amorphous form, or if you believe that another teacher/avatar (which is the embodiment of a god on earth - before it got applied to computers) is indeed trailing behind you, or an actual god, goddess, angel, guardian, ancestor, elemental spirit, or what have you - you're not alone. As a matter of fact, you're far less "solid" than you think you are. We're just beings of energy encased inside of what we perceive to be physical forms.

Stay safe everyone, and have a great Holiday season.

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