Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Will's Downfall Update

Well, it's about time I finally updated you all on the progress of Will's Downfall. The final edits lack no more than 50 pages, and by the end of tommorrow; I expect that number to dwindle much further. By the end of the day after tomorrow, the edits are liable to be finished completely.

But there's a new distribution that I'm doing for the series and I think you'll respect my idea. The amount of material in these books spans well over a thousand pages. Some of it is just "too much" for readers to grasp at one time. So I'm going to be splitting three large books into nine much smaller novels. As a result of this, Heather's story and one more that I haven't yet revealed will be released before the final novel.

The first two parts of Will's Downfall will be split, with Cleo's story as a seperate novella. Then Will's Downfall Book 2 will be split into two books. The first one will be a bit slow, but the one right after it will be worth the slow pace of the other. As for Three, it has been split into three seperate novels.

The reason I'm doing this, is because I want to approach this idea again. I want to approach it to other readers who may not have the time to read such a thick novel, and by splitting up a 3-500 page novel; this will make it easier for them to carry around the series like a slew of literary "comic books."

It will be a while before Mystic Books decides to publish the books, because it is a new company and this nine book series is a huge undertaking for the brand. Hence, I've submitted The Tribulation Of Marcus and Several Tales Of Utter Drivel, which have also been split up and will hopefully be re-edited, formatted and given a new cover design. Hopefully.

Mystic Books wrote this regarding the Will's Downfall series:

"I think that, at least for the time being, I'm going to have to pass on this.  It's not that I don't think it's good & has potential, but it's just SO much material.  Between the 2 books you broke it down into smaller volumes that still ended up being 9 parts and that's just too much for me to deal with right now while I'm starting out... I hate having "loose ends" and if I started with Book One I'd have to publish them all and that means hiring my editor to edit/proof each one (which is a pretty expensive job) and I'd have to hire one of my cover designers to design 9 different covers, something else that isn't inexpensive…& the different formatting that goes into different sites makes this a REALLY time consuming proposition... I'm still interested in possibly doing something with "Will's Downfall" at some time in the future, I just can't commit all the time needed to it right away while we're getting started.  If you haven't found another publisher (or, if you haven't decided to do something else with it yourself) within a few months, get back to me & maybe we can do something then?"

But as noted with the Tribulation of Marcus and Several Tales Of Utter Drivel submissions, this was added:

"In the meantime, if you have anything else that's a "bit" shorter, please feel free to send it in and we'll see what we can do."

So what I'm going to do, is get everything polished as far as Will's Downfall goes and then get back to them in November or December. By that time, Tribulation Of Marcus and Several Tales should already be sitting on your nooks, kindles, and i-devices.

In other news, I'm making a temporary move and will be out of commission for a bit. Once I get resettled, then I will be able to think more about these things. And update this blog with more book reviews. I've already read the book that's up there and am on my third since then. Not spoiling names, but you'll get some interesting reviews in the coming months.


Eric May

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