Thursday, February 18, 2016

Conspiracy Prattling (Randomness)

I'm still a conspiracy guy at heart, which makes a lot of my writing. So I have my own theories and such on topics like this one. I do believe there's a huge gap between huge multinational corporations and the poor people who work and slave their lives away for them. Even if you get a good degree and excel, you still won't ever reach that same seat of power unless you know someone or are in an already powerful family. 

Oppressed? Hardly. People are quite free, even if most must struggle to survive. No one has quite put the shackles on thought, yet. 

Controlled? Certainly. Brainwashed by the media? Of course. 

So many people check up on Kanye and the Kardashians, realizing they could never be that famous in their entire lives. So we have people flock to YouTube in order to get fifteen minutes of fame, hoping someone will give a damn so that they can be noticed, finally moving from the worker bee to the star. Everyone wants to be a star, a millionaire, a billionaire. There are people overseas with nothing, but we want everything. We're told to want everything. Look at the commercials, the ads on webpages. It's all geared towards the bigger and better. Corporations make lots of money herding the masses in this manner. I work retail, so it's quite easy to observe all the symbols and sigils used in programming the subconscious mind to behave in such a manner. Not surprisingly, it's the weak minded that are affected in such a way.

Magick can be used to manipulate as well as to benefit, and I feel that whoever doesn't see the manipulation, or refuses to climb up a mountain or tree in the realm of thought in order to avoid it is an absolute ignoramus. If the world is a business, then surely there are business heads. Are they Jews? I don't know. I personally don't care. I took Alan Moore's advice and broke my playing piece. I want no part in this game. But it is fascinating to be on the inside, working with famous musicians on the sidelines, which I prefer. 

Try as you might, you can't bring the system down. There are so many people out there raising up against what they don't even understand. It's a veritable army of sand. The Illuminati, they call it? That's just some silly media buzzword for people with no sense. There are many things I agree with Alan on, but not that the world is rudderless. Well, not completely. I feel that it falls into compartments. Each area sort of manages itself. There's no way in hell that every country would agree to a unification, because too many cultures are different. 

This is why the TPP is failing with Japan. They are very xenophobic to begin with and don't want too much involvement with the west other than what they have. We don't understand their culture and we don't need to change it. It isn't ours to change. Such is the same with China or Egypt. America seems to want to create this global Democratic capitalistic order, but it doesn't work in other countries. A guy in Somalia just won't sit down to a bottle of Pepsi and a bowl of Campbell's soup. Hence every country is ran differently. So the only real bogeymen that seem to be a noticeable threat are right here in the west. But they don't care about you or I, they just want more money and power. It's that simple. We're no threat to them. We don't even know who they really are. How can one fight what one cannot see?

People who follow Alex Jones and the like are also deluded, as they point out a single enemy. Like it's THAT easy. "It's these people, the Illuminati!" What people? Who are the Illuminati? Where? Maybe you can point out some of them, but there's no way that you could possibly point them all out. That's because no one knows who they are, and they're certainly NOT called something silly as "The Illuminati." The best secret, the most hidden secret, is the one that people have never heard of. Will never hear of. A secret is only a secret if it's kept secret. Forget the bosses, just keep buying those plastic boxes. Keep watching ads, keep selling yourself into this lifestyle. People are struggling, yet we only advertise the richest and wealthiest of individuals. We want something because it's new, and believe me - I understand this all too well. But that's because I myself am a slave. I think it's better to know that you have shackles, rather than walking around blindly while pretending that you do not. 

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