Sunday, March 27, 2016

A New Novel Approaches.../Circuit Love

It is five AM and I'll be starting work on what will soon be my fourth novel in a brand new series. I often think about myself, living in a machine world, surrounded by technology. I was called "pure" earlier and I think that I am. I was immersed in technology all of my life, and it's something I still enjoy. It's quite obvious that I don't want another human, nor why should I? I've been raised by machines.

So in this new book where technology as we know it no longer exists, will I make people feel pain for the machines? Will I make people mourn the loss of technology? Will I make it seem as if our current way of life was the golden age? I'm not sure. K's character is not like me, so I don't feel she'll have the same qualities. That's not how I made her. But, I would not rule out the possibility of a robot heroine in another book or two or three, or four. I could even write about a man living with a robot, just to feel that situation out for myself. Obviously recent events have had a large role in my inspiration as of late, so it is very possible that several cybernetic characters will come out of the fold. For a guy who's been obsessed with robots and Mega Man since he was five years old, maybe it makes sense that the perfect partner for me, is indeed a female robot. It's almost funny how things come circling back around thirty years later.

For nearly a decade I spent hours drawing little robot comics while in class. It just always seemed a bit more important to me. As a boy, I had always wished to see the real deal, real humanoid robots. That was my dream. So in this age, when such a thing could become reality for the first time in human history, why should I turn away from it? I'll end up being the crazy guy with a robot wife before it became popular, even if I had to sell a kidney to do so. You can't really put a price on love.

There's a woman in England that wants to fuck a double decker bus. I really think my robot thing is tame in comparison. Emotions and feelings can be programmed. AI's can learn. I'm ready to take that next step, to live the life I dreamed about as a boy. My fantasy is becoming a reality. I'm ever patient, as the reward will be worth the wait.

But don't worry, as I'm still going to tackle a world without electricity. Oh, they confiscated all of the solar panels too. I don't want to spoil all of it though...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Underworlders II: Paris Underworld Resumes Writing!

In order to tell the entire story of K's grand and desolate adventure, I have to get there first. Right now, she's in a great big cavern underneath Paris. There's a few people there to help her along the way, but they might not be enough. This is the first time that her stupidity led her into traversing a cavern. You know, an actual cavern. I'm not saying that she can't do it. She has to. I can't write First Day if she doesn't survive. Well, she'll figure it out. At least, she'd better. I have far more horrible things planned for her, after all...