Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dear Women Of The World, You May Be Pushing Away All Of Your Bachelors!

The more that women push away men, the more that men will have to find replacements. Certain types of men are getting desperate because women have changed. You girls aren't the same as you were back in the sixties or the eighties. It's a different mentality, which has led to more single people than ever before. Some often go into depression and commit suicide. It seems a natural response to not going after one's natural instinct. An animal that cannot find a mate sees itself as inept and useless. I feel there are two reasons for this:

- Men who sleep around and defile women for trophies with no intent to keep them. This teaches women that men are dogs. Some of them even become lesbians.

- Men who aren't equipped to handle women, or catch women. Some guys would rather be at home gaming or are frightened by the prospect of real women.

- Porn and anime culture teaches us that women should look a certain way 100% of the time. Guys go nuts over heavily prettied-up porn stars with plastic parts, or other unnatural things. They also see unblemished women, or perfect anime drawings, which I know quite a few young men are big into. Some guys would rather have a drawing.

Eventually, society has to fulfill these needs with machines or holograms. You may not be able to emulate the real thing, but they will surely try. If they can make a computer that fits in your pocket, a personal robot is not far off.

As I said, some really great men have thrown themselves at every decent woman because they start to feel inadequate, and that kills confidence. Even the toughest guy can lose their will after being knocked down quite a bit. Again, people do tend to kill themselves over these things, so addressing them will be an issue. Humans equate mating to success. They'll feel empty without something until they become completely apathetic.

Disclaimer: Not all men act this way, but several have from my observations.

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