Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Blasted Machine Has Worn Me Down!

With my place of employment a couple months on the verge of shutdown, I will be on unemployment for a while and will be also heading towards disability. Aside from a few mental deficiencies (which I will get evaluated) I definitely have major back issues that literally can make me feel like an old man. These didn't occur from headbanging, but from years of performing labor tasks and carrying lots of weight on my back when I was a younger man. A message therapist that I know took a look at my back and told me that he could not literally believe the damage done to it.

Well, that will free me up for a lot of site work, as well as hopefully a decent internet connection. From there, I will try freelance writing work as well as The Grim Tower, which will remain updated as long as I am free to do so. Even on unemployment or disability, I do not believe in simply lounging around all day, which is why I will continue to write, work with publicists and take interviews for TOMetal now, which has stressed a need for them and has a wonderful staff of people. My back has been absolute and utter hell for years, but I'm not going to stop writing. That's one commitment I have to all of you here. My novel work will also continue, as I will have much more time to do it now.

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