Sunday, October 9, 2016

Will's Downfall Re-Released on Payhip

My apologies for not having posted in a while, but I'm announcing a few things that social media followers have known for a while now.

The first is that I am around 70% finished with briefly re-editing the Will's Downfall Saga for it's permanent home on Payhip. The reason for this is simple. I wanted to cut the fat. I also split the books up into smaller, easier to digest portions with a bit of unnecessary content taken out, which is not essential for the story. This will be able to be purchased separately as part of a large supplement volume in the future.

I'm in the process of removing the Kindle editions and the Amazon author page in general. It was a bit premature for that, and those books were not properly formatted for e-readers. Anyone who wasn't pleased with those copies can contact me personally and I'll email a copy of The final editions as they release.

After all eight of these have been released, I'm symbolically closing the series by taking all of the documents and throwing them in a zip file or something, so that I won't see them anymore when I look in my work folder. I'm tired of looking at them and need to put it all to a proper close after six years.

Each file will be available as a PDF.

- No covers.
- Re-edited, some cleaned text.
- Formatted as I had intended.
- Removed unnecessary chapters, sections.
- Each book will sell for no more than $2.00 USD.

Pick up the first one now:

Secondly, I am working on a few new projects. In order to alleviate boredom, I'll be working on several different pieces:

- Something Still Human is my current project, which is coming along nicely. Like Marcus, it was inspired by a one-off idea.

- First Day will take off as soon as SSH is completed.

- Summon Me A Lover exists as a Y/A novel with geek culture and anime flavored references. It only has a few pages to it's credit right now. These are meant to be short, and could have several volumes.

- Various erotica pieces will be released as I feel the interest to write them. Most will be single-session pieces, with a very low price point of $0.50 USD. I am taking a softer approach to these, so keep that in mind. I never cared for hardcore erotica, so I won't write it myself either. I intend to explore the mystical and romantic sides of sexual interaction.

There is always the chance that I may go to a publisher with some of these newer works, so I cannot promise they will be on Payhip. One in particular was interested in the erotica, but is open to other pieces as well. However, all WD related material will only be found on PayHip.

I will update this page as each installment of the WD saga is uploaded for your enjoyment. Or re-enjoyment, if you've already read through them.