Friday, March 10, 2017

Something Still Human/Erotica

I'm planning on doing a myriad of things, should my new job give me the time. The first is to finish up my next novel,  Something Still Human. It's about a salty, slimy fish girl.

The next is a slew of erotica. I showed a few people my work in a 4chan thread related to erotica. A long time writer looked at my piece and said that he found it well structured, which is not something you get with first-time erotica pieces. Needless to say,  they want more. I am not strictly doing this for randoms though, as I'd like to have a volume for this. More information as I have it.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thoughts On The Era Of Thirst

I think this era of thirst shows the end of common dating as we know it. It may very well be the end of cohabitation. So what's next? Technology. We're already glued to our devices, might as well start fucking and taking them to dinner. You think I'm crazy, but ten or twenty years from now, all of these thirsty guys are going to have several different forms of artificial women. As for human women? Well,  artificial men. Some will prefer cohabitation still, but they will be few and older. Technology gives us more options, which is why it's such a curse. It also lowered social skills by about a ton.

I already know for a fact that many women agree their vibrator does a better job than their husbands. I've lurked around in threads where wives have mentioned it to other wives. You can program all the other stuff - tech is moving at such a rapid pace, that this will almost be essential. Instead of finding a mate in the wild, a man will simply go to the store and pick out different makes and models, quite like a car. Sperm and eggs will still be donated, they would even be able to raise a human child together. It would take time to get the programming right, but this is pretty much how we're going right now. When it looks, acts and feels just like the real thing, who's going to care? Certainly not these guys. They may never have sex in their lives at this rate.

As I have stated,  technology created a bug in social interaction and that bug is going to be fixed in the same way a program would be patched. It's a lengthy patch. It's an expensive patch, but it will fix the problem overtime. VR and AR could also fix the problem. Emotions can be emulated and easily manipulated. Don't believe your emotions can be manipulated? Watch a dramatic television program. Did you cry? Did you get upset? Just remember that none of it was actually real...

(By the way,  I have deleted my entire speil on obeying one's thirst. This has proven to be disastrous, even frightening in observations. Most of these guys end up with empty glasses and some of the most psychotic ramblings I have ever heard in my life.)